Early Learning


Umncedi means

helper in isiXhosa

Welcome to Umncedi!

How can we help you?

Umncedi exists to connect people working with young children to good quality information and resources. We believe that together we can help South Africa’s children stand tall.

What is Umncedi?

Umncedi works to connect people working with young children. We consolidate knowledge generated by organisations working with young children, to connect practitioners to resources that will help them to deliver good quality services for young children and their families.

We do this gathering informational resources that have been created, helping to curate those resources, and ensuring that they are disseminated through WhatsApp, Facebook and SMS.

In addition, we conduct new research to support resource distribution for early learning programmes.


Help with registration and small business administration for early learning programmes

Early Learning

Resources to support quality early learning for young children


How to access or create materials to support early learning programmes


Umnecdi provides news updates for people working to support early learning in South Africa.

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Whether you’re an educator, caregiver, policymaker, or simply someone who cares deeply about the future of our children, we would love to hear from you.

If you have any questions or would like to dive deeper into our work, we’d love to connect with you! Together, we can create a more promising future for the children of South Africa.